Getting To know Smitha

Smitha Lee or Lee Smith a filmmaker that lives in the USA (SC). He started out as a
dancer and actor for various productions in SC. His love of storytelling brought him into film.
Smitha lee brought his first camera a T2i but quickly found out that lenses were more
expensive, so he started photography. Since then he has fallen in love with both
photography and film. At the beginning, he worked for numerous production companies,
and volunteered on several film crews in SC, GA, & NC. Smitha Lee has work in the film
industry and media for 12 years.

He has wrote 7 plays that have sold out on each occasion. 2017 his music video Change
The World by Pure N Heart won a Stella Award. His last original production Chocolate
Cinderella which played at the Chapman Cultural Center in 2019 sold out every single show
with 1000 in attendance. On the film aspect his films have been accepted to 25 different film
festivals. In 2019 he won his first major category (Music Video of the Year) from the
Carolina Film Festival. Between his marketing videos and production videos Smitha lee has
received well over 3.9 million views between Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Accepted
to the 2020 inaugural class for 40 under 40 for Spartanburg.

Smitha has been a active member of the Spartanburg and photography community.
Continuing his heart in teaching he is mentoring over 20 different photographers through his
lighting journey program. Also helping to serve and inspire local business through
appearing on zoom meetings with the Amplify program (Small business Incubator). Over the
past 2 years he has taught at The Photocook out where the event has been streamed over
65+ countries and 2000+ photographers and videographers.

On several occasions Smitha has held enrichment actives with Phi Beta Sigma, Inc.
He has also held several paid internships to S.C. college students (Wofford, USC Upstate,
Claflin, SMC and Sc State). Two of those internships were given to USC Upstate students
alumni Bueze Nnodim and current student Douglas Fairnot. He is also works as a career
counselor at Wofford College. His company currently employees 8 staff members.
Community service includes a yearly free photo events for families and the homeless
community called PAFT (Picture A Family Together). Along with his mentee Jeremiah
Drummond (Founder) they have severed over 1000+ families since 2016. These
community service events are in partnership with Spartanburg Soup Kitchen. Smitha has
also severed with other community groups such as BRUH mentor, Elephnt group and the
Boys and Girls Club. In 2020 Co- founder of the event called BEC gala to support and
celebrate minority business. With his wife Arialle Kennedy-Smith they both run a non-profit
called AVK Dance Scholar from their business Avk Dance Studio. This scholarship consist
of $500-$1500 scholarships that help with young girls attending college.

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